Katy Perry Still Believes in Love and Marriage


The marriage between Russell Brand and Katy Perry lasted for14 months. However, the singer says she still believes in love.

According to the website of the Spanish newspaper, El Mundo, the Perry said she learned much of her relationship with the British comedian.

“I still believe in love and marriage. I just have learned lessons along the way. I do not regret anything.” Perry also mentioned that it was difficult to continue her tour while facing separation, but she realized that her problems were not those of her audience.

For now, the singer is currently promoting her film, “Katty Perry: Part of Me 3D” and hopes her fans can understand her better. Although she did not like to show much about her relationship with Brand, she said that this part in her life could not be missed in the documentary, because people might think she’s trying to hide something.

In one scene, you see Katy crying hysterically backstage before a show shortly after Russell gave him a choice between him and his career.

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