Kelly Osbourne, Make Mine Milk

Ever since she said goodbye to extra pounds, Kelly Osbourne has become an example of healthy living. At least judging from this picture that wants testimonial campaign, Make Mine Milk . This picture shows a Kelly Osbourne in a red robe, hair in curlers in pure 50s style mustache and a lot of white on the upper lip. A tangible sign to those who have just drained 20 liters of milk in one gulp. Smiling and happy as in the classic commercials, we are ready to take her morning beauty routine that involves, as the headline reads, “breakfast, makeup and wardrobe.” So after a lifetime of junk food and a diet so drastically as to leave no doubt of its correctness, Kelly Osbourne becomes the champion of correct eating habits and try to lead by example. And to make more credible its role as the perfect spokesperson said, “I never thought to get to say a thing, but today, I truly believe that breakfast is the most important meal of the day and do everything to be sure. Do not skip it ever. I learned to eat healthy during my participation in Dancing With The Stars, and since then I have not stopped. “

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