Kim and Kanye Take Their Relationship to Another Degree

The news had spread for several days. On Friday, some pictures confirmed that Kim Kardashian unveils romance and that she is dating musician and producer, Kanye West.

The story began a few weeks ago, when West released a song in which he declared his love for Kim, who, incidentally, has had a friendship with her for several years. But the musician wrote a poem telling: “I admit I fell in love with Kim when she was still in love with him” (her former husband Kris Humphries)”sings Kanye.

Kardashian talked about in a television program, though denied an engagement, said: “One never knows what the future holds.” And this Friday, the TMZ website published a set of photographs in which you see Kanye West and Kim Kardashian going to the movies . “The relationship is just beginning,” said a friend of the model. Kardashian had said last week that she does not think of a new love, but is left open on a possibility: “I think you have several soul mates throughout your life.”

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