Kim Kardashian is Uncomfortable With Her Body


The Armenian beauty, Kim Kardashian, stated that she feels “uncomfortable” with her body, after she said she has cellulite, and thus, reducing used strips.¬†According to the magazine, “FHM”, the American actress does not feel “comfortable” with herbody.

“I am a perfectionist and I do not feel comfortable with my body,”said the model. She also explained that she has cellulite and reduced using belts. “They are the greatest invention,” she said during a broadcast on the British program of Lorraine. Kim said she does not like her body, and also said “I’m such a perfectionist. I do not think I’m ever happy.”

A few months ago, Kardashian admitted to being obsessive compulsive to comprehensively monitor her home assistant, “I can not even take a shower until the bathroom is clean. I think I’m totally obsessive compulsive. Everything has to be absolutely spotless.”

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