Kutcher Gives Five Thousand Dollar Gift to Mila Kunis


Although no one has talked about their relationship, it has been rumored that Ashton Kutcher gave Mila Kunis a gift that’s worth five thousand dollars.

According to the website of the nydailynews, Kutcher gave the actress a case for her smartphone with her initials engraved. The two met on the television series “That 70’s Show”, and for months, it is said that they have maintained a loving relationship.

A few days ago, images of both actors were released at a party in Los Angeles, where they are seen quite affectionate and enjoyed being in each other’s company.

Moving forward, the actress has spoken of her characters in film and said she would like to play poor. “It’s really fun to play the dog. I am a person of strong character, so normally the character I play comes and spoils everything. It would be nice to play a good girl, but I get these parts for a reason, people really do not believe that I’m that innocent, but I am! I also want to play a hero. Once you make a superhero movie, it really is impressive, I’ll be satisfied. Not a cheesy, a cool, like Superman, but a woman. “

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