Lady Gaga with Giorgio Armani

Latex, metal studs, PVC. These elements do not associate with Giorgio Armani. Instead, the great maestro of Italian couture is inspired by elegant designs like what we usually see on the runways of Armani.

For her Asian tour, the Born This Way singer, together with Armani has created four unique outfits, where the four elements mentioned were processed using techniques of haute couture. The result was extremely surprising and impressive. Yes. Armani and Lady Gaga have been working together to created a whole new fashion trend.

“Collaborating with Lady Gaga is a new experience for me every time. I like her ability to use fashion as a scenic element to build her character. She is an artist of great talent and intelligence to create costumes for her creative exercise. This is very exciting .”

Check out the amazing designs by two creative geniuses:


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