Liberty Ross Makes Deal to Save Marriage with Rupert Sanders


After the scandal of  filmmaker Rupert Sanders with Kristen Stewart, his wife, actress Liberty Ross, designed a deal to save their marriage.

According to “People” magazine, the agreement consists of five conditions that would have to be abided by the husband if he wants the relationship to continue.

“A five-point plan has been developed for Liberty and that is for Rupert to sign and paralyze the divorce process. Some of the conditions include that he only makes a movie a year and is in the state of California, where they reside,” said a source to the publication.

Liberty Ross and Rupert Sanders have two children together, which is one of the main reasons for the  fight for their relationship. But, it is not known whether Sanders is willing to accept the terms in the agreement.

Ross was devastated to learn that her husband Rupert Sanders had been unfaithful with Kristen Stewart, who starred in the director’s latest film.



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