Lilly Allen is Expecting Her Second Child


Lilly Allen is expecting her second child, after giving birth to her first baby last November, with her ​​husband, decorator and designer, Sam Cooper.

According to the Sunday publication of Mirror, the English model is also excited about this news and is looking forward for the arrival of their second heir.

“It was a surprise, but Lilly and Sam are delighted. The couple are enjoying every minute of their parenthood and want to expand their offspring quickly. So, this is a great opportunity,” stressed sources close to Allen.

Lilly Allen and Sam Cooper were married in 2011, after serving two years of dating. According to “People”, the couple has begun to spread the good news among their family and friends they were expecting a child. Both the singer and her husband wanted to have children.

The future brother of Ethel Mary, the first daughter of Allen and Cooper will be born later this year, just when she meets her first year of life.


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