Madonna Defends Homosexuals in Russia

Madonna returns to the adventures by generating controversy. But this time, everything happened in Russia. The “Queen of Pop” has been in the middle of a battle for the rights of homosexuals in Russia. The authorities of St. Petersburg threatened the singer of Girl Gone Wild if she defends homosexuals during the concert on the month of August.

“If Madonna or any of the organizers break the law, they shall be punished. The singer can receive a fine of up to 5 billion rubles (170 dollars)”, said a Russian official member, according to the Interfax Agency. ┬áThis “threat” is due to the region that has just passed a law banning homosexual propaganda. Madonna must be laughing of the amount that should be paid in contempt.

But the controversy did not end there. They also want Madonna to cancel the concert in protest. Obviously, Madonna could not stay quiet. On her Facebook page, she wrote that she will speak for the gay community to show them her support and give strength and inspiration to anyone who feels oppressed.


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