Madonna Wants to Kiss Britney Again

It’s been nine years since Madonna kissed Britney. Now the Queen of Pop wants to repeat the kiss, will Spears agree?

Blonde Ambition, which starred a controversial kiss with the singer, had an intense conversation with her fans through Twitter and revealed some of their most intimate desires, such as recreating the famous scene of homoerotic MTV Awards 2003.

“@ Britneyspears Please upload the stage and kiss me again. I miss you!” joked the star, as one of her fans made him the peculiar question.

To answer Madonna, Britney entered the forum to respond to allusions.

“@ MadonnaMDNAday is tempting.” said the artist, who brought Madonna’s insistence on the matter.

“Are you going to make me work hard for it,” asked the star again.

Madonna also spoke to other artists such as Katy Perry, who was asked to attend a concert of her new tour, and be placed at the front row.

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