Makeup ala Carmen Electra



The explosive actress has a sexy and provocative style that makes her the center of attention wherever she goes. Because her look, she never goes unnoticed. So let’s see how to get it:


Carmen always looks perfect in tanned skin. To care very much for your face, it is essential that the skin is well hydrated. Use a base fluid and light to unify the tone and illuminating concealer. To finish, apply bronzer.

Look sexy

The key is to get a super sexy look to achieve this. Eye makeup with pastel shades and have the eyes outlined in black. Finally, use false eyelashes at the outer edge of the eye and plenty of black mascara to define and intensify the effect.

Rosy cheeks

To give a touch to a baby doll look, use a bright pink blush tone in the center of the cheeks.


For lips, use a caramel gloss tone that adds volume and shine. Thus, further highlights the look.

You should avoid

Using dark colored makeup. Using dark colors would look heavy and the fresh look would not be obtained.

Professional Tips

Use highlighter above the cheekbones anad chin and to give light and show off makeup and glowing skin.

Complete the look

Remember that sexy style. Every detail must be perfect. Do not forget the right accessories to put the finishing touch.



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