“MAMA”- a movie more sweet and less scary


Now when talking about some horror movies of 2013,   Guillermo del Toro has added another name to the list “mama”  , which is the story of two small girls who got lost in the woods in a very small age when their mother was murdered. several years later when the girl has been rescued, thing are not the same nor are the girls. The story shows that the mother was killed by their father but again its just a guess as horror movies like to keep their concept that way. After five long years of search, their Uncle Lucas (Nikolaj Coster-Waldau) and his girlfriend, Annabel (Jessica Chastain), finally found them, who have been trying to have a child of their own. But when they really thought that they have found the girls and can get a peaceful life, they din’t realize that the girls aren’t the only ones they would be welcoming in their home.

In starting the movie does give a look of all those typical scary horror movies and you start think that what next is going to happen but lets don’t deny the fact that the movie “mama” somehow failed to give creeps and shivers to its audience. Victoria and Lilly’s lost-in-the-woods caretakers ghost, Mama, shows a little bit different quality then those typical horror ghost you expect. while the bleeding black walls and the attacks of moth and the way the walls get all hairy any everything,  the unveiling of Mama is really not convincing when you finally see the ghost and there they show some random cartoon tinge to scare you and of course, nobody gets easily convinced with an animated ghost.


Aas the logo says “A MOTHER’S LOVE IS FOREVER” , you can pretty much get the idea that the ghost is actually emotionally attached to the girls.All in all you won’t leave the screen until the end because you cant deny the fact that the plot is amazingly written, as it goes through describing everyone’s fate attached to one name that is “mama” So I recommend this movie Mama, not for frights of course , but yes for an amazing and touchy story.

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