Maximize Your Lunch Break

Many people are busier than ever and struggle to get everything done during the course of a day. When that doesn’t happen, things often fall by the wayside. Sometimes these are such minor parts of daily life that we don’t even notice. However, important things, like exercise and proper rest, can also suffer.

The most workable solution is to maximize your day and make better use of the time currently available. One such occasion we can use for this is our lunch break. Here are two ways you can make better use of time that is available five days a week.


When people are short on time, one of the first things to suffer is, sadly, their physical health. If you have a half hour lunch break, there isn’t really time to exercise, aside from taking a short walk after you eat.

However, if you have an hour, this gives you more opportunity to get out there for a walk or possibly even a jog. Don’t worry about breaking a sweat (not desirable anyway when you must get back to work); this is simply about staying active. If you have a sedentary job, such as office work, that extra movement during lunch can help to make the rest of your day more physically comfortable.

Stop Looking at Screens

It can be tempting to simply zone out with your phone during lunch. There is nothing wrong with quickly checking e-mail and messages, but answer only those that require an immediate reply. This is the chance to give your eyes a rest. You can further enhance this period by getting out of your usual working area and enjoying a change of scenery.

Don’t ever think of this as wasted time; your brain is recharging and you will be better able to meet the challenges that follow.

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