Meet the Next Trump Child

Mogul Donald Trump is known for his wealth and usually his comb over. However, he is also the father of five, his most famous child being Ivanka Trump, who at 31 years old is a mother, businesswoman, and fashion designer. Recently, the media has shed light on the next Trump child: nineteen year old Tiffany Trump.


Tiffany has taken the unexpected route, and is currently a freshman at the University of Pennsylvania, major: undeclared. She is the daughter of Trump and his previous wife Marla Maples. She has lived in LA with her mother, and credits her geographical location for her character: “I feel fortunate to not have lived in New York; it gave me a chance to have a normal life,” she says. “I’m thinking about moving to the city after college because I’m ready and mature enough to handle what that means.” Because she grew up on the opposite coast from her father, the two would keep in touch with regular phone calls, and visits when she had vacation or he had business in LA. Tiffany looks up to big sister Ivanka, and loves little brother Barron (the youngest Trump).

While she could have just rested easy in the lap of luxury (which I’m sure she still is to some extent), Trump visited thirty-one schools before deciding on her father’s alma mater of UPenn. There, she works hard like any other student, clocking many hours in the library. At the same time, she endures some hassling for her name and heritage, but the star student is proving them wrong with her work ethic. Before entering college for example, Trump held an internship position at Vogue, and cites long work days (3am-3am) doing “grit work.”


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