Megan Fox Tired of Being ”Sexy” in Film

Megan Fox is known for her sexy roles in movies, but have had enough of this image and would like to do more comedy. The 25-year-old had the opportunity to change. Thanks to her participation in The Dictator, the new film by Sacha Baron Cohen, who says she enjoyed the work. 

In the film, Fox plays a prostitute. In a scene, Fox’s character goes into fury when she realized she paid with rubies instead of diamonds. She then says, “What am I, a Kardashian?”. 

Fox said in an interview with The Sun that she feels very relieved of the change, although her participation in the film is minimal. “When I started acting, I always played the bitch or the evil girl. I was getting tired of playing this kind of roles. Now I feel I can be myself again. I have been given the opportunity to escape from the cold and sexy image that I’ve been stuck. I think the audience can relate more easily in such films,” she said. 

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