Michael Jackson’s Bodyguard’s Confessions

Matt Fiddes, bodyguard of the late Michael Jackson, revealed some confessions that made ​​the singer, including Jackson naming his pet snake, Madonna.

Fides also revealed that Jackson had erotic dreams with Pamela Anderson. He also said that Jackson stuck needles into a voodoo doll to hurt Steven Spielberg. 

Statements made ​​to guard the British newspaper, “The Sun”, also includes the time when Jackson was under the influence of drugs, and was in a state of paranoia. With this, Michael Jackson even ordered a member of his bodyguards to shoot his brother, Randy. 

In this regard, Fiddes said, “Things got complicated when Randy tried to break through the guards to talk to Michael in one of his rented houses. Michael ordered him to shoot. He was under the influence of drugs. Luckily, nothing happened to Randy.” 

It was also said that Madonna did not like “The King of Pop”, so, the latter decided to call his pet snake, Madonna.

At the end of his life, Michael Jackson was psychologically terrible about what he had done with his skin. The most horrible thing he told me was what he had done to whiten his genitals.” 

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