Mirror Mirror!

Let us talk about the all time favourite: Mirror Mirrior! Lily Collins, the daughter of the sensational rock star, Phil Collins was born in 1989. Having positioned herself as opposite to the charming Julia Roberts who has been in quite a vague, comic and an evil role, Lily Collins posed some competition in this sort.

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The movie having some perks of animation and remarkable costume gallery premiered in 2011 in Hollywood. The story revolves within the same old Snow White;s tradition, but this time with a different angle. The movie shows Julia Roberts as the wicked stepmother who has cast a black magic on the entire kingdom. She has vowed to keep herself pretty and somehow manages to get Snow killed after she turns eighteen. The main reason for her being killed was he hindrance and her interruption in the Queen’s ways.

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The story also focuses on the seven dwarfs who have been pictured as bandits here, but after they got a pretty good welcome from Snow white who taught them her ways, they decided to steal from the Queen and return the money back to the poor.

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The story sees snow white as white as snow with hair as black as ebony as described in the authentic and classic tale. The movie soared at the box offices because fans of Julia Roberts really adored her different acting in a comic role.

Lily Collins is a beautiful sensation. Being a model and an actress, she greatly knows how to keep herself all toned up and adequately attired.

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