New York Fashion Week

New york city City’s Fashion Week is among the more popular occasions the city holds. Tickets to this event are a unique product worth including in your charity auction (silent auction or live auction, although I’ve constantly sold it in the live auction).

Fashionistas understand that Fashion Week takes place two times a year – as soon as in the spring (March) to showcase fall fashions, and once again in the fall (September) to showcase spring fashions. The event is held in numerous cities worldwide (Paris, Milan, London, and so on), but New York appears to be the destination for our domestic audiences. In our auctions, the tickets cost a few thousand dollars, without hotel or transport attached.

New York Fashion Week

Designers can rent area at specific venues in New York to showcase their collections. Not all designers have the cash required to produce a show due to the fact that hosting a show is costly. A new designer may opt to only show in Paris’ Fashion Week, however a bigger fashion residence could have a show in each city.

From morning till night, a location can be hectic hosting programs. A lesser-known designer might be in the camping tent in the morning. Later that day, a famous icon could be hosted because the very same area.

Note that when I have actually offered tickets to Fashion Week, I am not selling tickets to \\* every \\* runway show that is scheduled throughout the week. Either I am offering tickets to a specific show (for example, the Badgley Mischka show), or I’m selling tickets to a specific show which has yet to be chosen by the benefactor of the tickets.

These tickets are desired since numerous ‘average’ people never attend… nor do they even think to ask how they could secure tickets. In our minds, Fashion Week resides in the domain of the popular and rich, where the paparazzi video cameras are constantly flashing, the designs show up breathlessly from their last task, and stars are whisked inside to sit in front row seats. The music is intense, the enjoyment is high, and the vibe that is New York is in the air.

And honestly, that description is rather precise. Even the typical New Yorker can not quickly get tickets.

With that as your backdrop, envision that you – a professional woman wanting same journey, a stay-at-home Mom, a spontaneous gal, with some extra cash– have the chance to purchase two tickets to attend this event.

Who wouldn’t wish to go!? What a great journey for two best pals, or a remarkable Mother-Daughter experience.

The donations I’ve seen have actually come from department stores. Saks Fifth Avenue, Nordstrom, Bloomingdales… whatever department store serves your city is a good target. Purchasers from those stores go to Fashion Week looking for trends and concepts.

Ask the best dressed woman on your auction committee where she shops. Begin there if she is regularly going shopping in a specific department store. For instance, among my client’s volunteers consistently used complimentary individual shopping services at a local outlet store. She showed her individual shopper that she wished to secure tickets to Fashion Week for her charity auction, and she was connected to the right person.

Ways to participate in the action at designer week? Plan a night of champagne popping liveliness hosted by one of the week’s top fashion icons and cross promote your event with the several fashion week calendar products so that when the runways are down for the night, designers and fans of their work alike will want to keep the group rolling under your roofing.

Be encouraged that since of the fluidity of the Fashion Week schedule, the buyers of the tickets could not understand up until a week, approximately prior about which day a specific show will be held. It’s best to let guests know that, ‘Fashion Week is September XX through XX, and the show will occur on among those days.’.

Since your auction is occurring months in advance of Fashion Week, most guests don’t appear to mind the ambiguity. The reality is that if your auction is in March, and the Fashion Week tickets are for September, even the organizers of New York’s Fashion Week do not yet understand which designers will be appearing.

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