Noise is Bad for More Than Just Your Hearing



The ill-effects of noise on hearing are well-documented. However, did you ever consider that extensive exposure to noise could harm you in other ways, too?

Compromised Sleep

If you work in an urban environment or share space with a lot of people and machinery, chances are you in a pretty noisy environment. Prolonged exposure is bad for your hearing, but it can also ruin your ability to get a good night’s sleep. Study after study is showing just how important an adequate amount of rest is for both mind and body. If you are trying to sleep in an environment that is distracting enough to delay, prevent, or disrupt your rest, you will notice. Physically and mentally you will be sluggish and not at your best. Not only can that negatively affect your job performance, it can cause you to make errors in judgment that might even lead to accidents.


When we feel stressed, stress hormones (eg. cortisol) are created and they can throw off your cholesterol levels. The almost inevitable result is hypertension and heart disease. If you are in a place where the noise is making your blood boil, it could be doing long-term damage.

Mental Health

If you are constantly angry, or feeling defeated and hopeless for a prolonged period, it can negatively impact your mental health, leading to issues like depression and anxiety disorder. If you are in a noisy area and you cannot bring down the volume, it will eventually effect your overall well-being.

Alas, it looks like the world’s volume level continues to go up, so that means additional effort on your part to find time each day in a quiet, relaxing space where you can decompress.

For starters, here is some “noise” that is good for you and will help to lower those stress levels:

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