Pamela Anderson Has Tax Debt of $524,000

The Tax Office State of California announced today that celebrities and taxpayers who owe the IRS emphasizes the actress. Pamela Anderson, with around $524,000 in debt. 

The once starred in “Baywatch” is the largest debtor in income tax in California for 2011. The state also said that Halsey Minor, founder of the CNet Technology, and his wife Shannon Minor, are also one of the largest debtors. These figures are on the list of 500 largest tax evaders. The Tax Office must published this twice each year in compliance with the local law. 

These celebrities altogether owes $233 million to California. The debt has an interest. A few weeks ago, the same law office also published the list of 500 companies of tax evaders, most were the treasury of that state. That list was led by the retail chain, Target, which owes about $18.5 million in taxes.

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