Paris Hilton Stars in Fight With Paparazzi


Paris Hilton starred in a fight with a paparazzi who is contemplating to sue the socialite, because he received several blows. After the incident, the photographer, Billy Barrera said, “I don’t wanna get into this, but the truth is, I feel very sore.”

The victim has already contacted his lawyer to launch a legal battle against the actress. Hilton was photographed hitting Barrera in a Hollywood parking lot, after being held in a nightclub with his friend, Brandon Davis.

According to the TMZ website, one of Hilton’s companions tried to Barrera’s camera away by force. But, when the photographer struggled with him, Paris intervened to strike, which resulted him to falling to the ground, exposing his underwear.

Those responsible for the place tried to persuade the photographer to keep the scandal to become public and even came to offer a good amount of money, which was rejected by Barrera.

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