Passion Vs Profession

In our society most people don’t get to acquire their most interest in profession. A simple question is how many people love their job? Hardly anyone would be completely affirmative to this notion. The reason behind this apprehension is likely to be that in our society most people don’t adopt their interest in choosing profession, rather a family trend and social or rarely peer pressure effect their decisions while cprofessionschoosing a career.

Their dreams get invaded without any evasion in their very buds. While trying to fancy their family tradition or social norms, they lose their passion and later in life, the regression prevails which jeopardize their happiness.

So many people of my acquisition aren’t complacent with their lives and the reason, they suppose,is their unlikeness towards their jobs.

To be a realist, most of our time get spend in day job. If we happen to not like it, how are we supposed to be happy.

Many people are imposed upon while following a career and others are just unfortunate that they cannot continue their choice. Most of the times due to lack of resources and other times it’s just that some professions are frowned upon by the mass, this is partially because of the thought that this will not be suffice for a living  and partially due to nature of the job.  Hence leaving an unsatisfied quench for good.

The bottom line is; never neglect your interest while choosing a career for it will leave you with an eternal regret of not not giving priority to your passion in your profession. And stay happy!

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