Paul Anka offers emotional concert in Acapulco

Under the stars and the open air, Paul Anka presented for the first time at the Imperial World Forum. Paul Anka gave an emotional concert where Michael Jackson was reminded . “This is it” was the song that played in memory of the King of Pop.

The Canadian artist was dressed in a black suit where he demonstrated his vitality to dance with one of his young fans. In interpreting “Put Your Head on My Shoulder”, he left the stage to greet his audience while he shook hands with the governor, Angel Aguirre, and businessman, Carlos Slim. He also shook hands with Archbishop Carlos Garfias and Mayor Veronica Escobar. 

Paul Anka did not stop repeating how wonderful Acapulco was in the rhythm of the violin played with joy. Excited, the audience applauded and stood up after an hour and a half. The singer ended the concert and thanked the public, then give way to an autograph signing. Finally, Aguirre gave Paul Anka recognition with a plaque, whose caption read: “Remember Acapulco”.

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