Reverend Prays Rihanna Away From Sinful Behavior

Rev. Vibert Lowe, head of the Church of Rihanna’s birthplace, says he is praying that the Barbadian artist changes her life and leave behind her sinful behavior. 

“Many people have been praying for her, hoping to give up these unhealthy habits. On the island we believe it is behaving properly, and that provides a negative example for many young girls. For them, Rihanna is an icon and they copy her lifestyle,” said the priest. Lowe also advised the star to stay away from her former boyfriend, Chris Brown, because he can not be a good influence to her because of their common history. 

“After everything that happened, I would like you to stay away from him because he has proven not be the right person for you. However, we do not see much to Rihanna when she comes home. She seems so busy, but I think you should come to church,” he said.

The Reverend was not alone in expressing concern about the state of the singer. Phil Bloch, a Hollywood stylist who has a good friendship with the star recently admitted that he was surprised by her controversial artistic evolution. “I went to one of her concerts and I was stunned by what I saw. I think she has no idea how to assimilate her growing fame. She needs to calm down and behave better. She is beautiful and very talented, but she does not know how to manage herself. She always gets in trouble,” Bloch told the newspaper, The Sun .

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