Ricky Martin on the “Evita” Musical

The Puerto Rican singer, Ricky Martin, presented on the streets of New York the scenes that bring the “Evita” musical to life. Ricky Martin took the opportunity to thank the actors Elena Rogers and Michael Cerveris for their teachings.

Dressed in a white shirt, black suspenders, gray trousers and brown shoes, the singer of “Maria”, shared his talent with people wandering through the New York Times Square in the “Big Apple”. Elena Rogers played Evita, while Michael Cerveris portrayed the role of “Juan Peron”. Ricky Martin played “Che”, and sang, danced, and represented some of the scenes tin the Broadway musical.

This was part of the broadcast “Good Morning, America”, where the Puerto Rican artist took the opportunity to express the satisfaction it has given its participation in the staging.

“It was very nice to share the stage with an incredible company, people who have done this for years. Michael, Elena, they have taught me so much, to be honest. It’s a celebration and a great responsibility at the same time,” said Ricky Martin. The public was drawn by his energy on stage. They seized the moment by capturing images through cameras on their cell phones. The “Evita” soundtrack will be on the market beginning June 5.

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