Rihanna Unfollows Chris Brown on Twitter

In recent months, Rihanna and Chris Brown had been in contact, despite the violent incident that happened in 2009. But now, the singer decided to “unfollow” her ex-boyfriend on Twitter.¬†According to the TMZ website, Rihanna’s action comes shortly after the launch of a simple remix of Kanye West, TheraFlu, in which they collaborated with Brown.

What apparently bothered the singer was the content of the song. In the song, Brown was heard saying something like “do not mess with my old b*tches”. Shortly after Brown had issued the single, Rihanna stopped following him on the social network. Rumors say that Rihanna was the one referred by the song.

Brown, meanwhile, also failed to follow his ex-girlfriend on Twitter. On Rihanna’s birthday last February, the Barbadian singer mentioned that she is still in love with Chris.

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