Robert Pattinson is not considered funny

The actor of Twilight would not go “in a million years,” according to the television program, Saturday Night Live, which revolves around a series of skits performed by famous comedians, believing it would be terrible trying to be funny.

“Doing comedy is impossible. It would be terrible. I was asked to do things likeSaturday Night Live , but in no way, never in a million years. I’m too scared,” he said.

Robert, 25, admits he is not as ‘crazy’ as he used to be, because since it is famous people expected to be in a certain way.

“Before I did not care what people thought. But now, I am forced to think about things if I want a career. Maybe it’s because I’m older. Used to be a little wild, but now it is hard to be. I used to want to crazy because they knew people following me. always wanted to do strange things, but now is different, people expect something. You have to think about things objectively,” he said to the Reveal magazine.

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