“Robin Gibb has strength and will to live”

Andrew Thillainayagam, Robin Gibb’s physician, said that Gibb has the strength and zest for life. The Bee Gees member, who is currently in intensive care, is to be cared for for his colon cancer.

The 62-year-old singer who managed to “reconnect” to his world, remains hospitalized in the intensive care ward, after waking up from coma.

As stated today by Andrew Thillainayagam, the physician who is on the slope of the health status of the artist, said Gibb now breathes with the help of an oxygen mask, in addition to intravenous feeding.

“Tired, extremely weak and malnourished” was how Thillainayagam described Gibb’s health. The doctor noted the strength and will to live has Gibb. “It is testimony to his extraordinary courage, his iron will and its large reserves of physical strength against all odds that is now in the condition it is.” It should be noted that on Saturday the singer, beat in coma that fell last week after having contracted pneumonia.

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