Robin Gibb is in a Coma

The musician Robin Gibb, ex-member of the British Bee Gees, is hospitalized in London in a coma because of pneumonia. The 62-year-old pop legend is confined in a private clinic, accompanied by his wife Dwina, his brother Barry and their three children. The family fears that Gibb’s life will only be a few days. This was according to a British tabloid.

Gibb, who managed to recover from colon and liver cancer in 2010, underwent intestinal surgery two weeks ago. He currently has pneumonia as well. The musician canceled his attendance last Tuesday in London for the premiere of “Titanic Requiem” album, that is based in the sinking of the famous ocean liner that he has made ​​with his son, RJ Gibb.

Robin Gibb had already canceled all public events prior to the release of the album due to intestinal surgery he underwent last March 25. In 2011, he underwent surgery for an intestinal blockage—the same problem that killed his twin brother, Maurice in 2003—who is also a member of the Bee Gees.

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