Scarlett laughs at her own image used in sex shops

Scarlett Johansson is not bothered by the fact that a sex shop uses her image in promotional cards. Instead, Scarlett just laughs at the situation. 

The TMZ website published a picture of a card from the VIP sex shop located in California, where the actress in wearing a sexy lingerie with an unbuttoned blouse. 

Scarlett said in a statement that, “I applaud once again the investigative journalism and award winning TMZ to ensure the knowledge of my legions of my Mexicans fans.” The cards in the sex shop, as well as the other products are in spanish. A few months ago, nude images of Johansson circulated on the web. The FBI began to investigate the case until they finally dropped the “hacker” who put them online.

Scarlett, did not speak to undertake legal action against the store. Kim Kardashian, on the other hand, threatened to sue a Mexican plastic surgeon for using a picture of her in bikinis to promote their services. 

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