Seeing a little too much of Kat Von D

Within the past week, tattoo extraordinaire, and Miami Ink leading lady Kat Von D made a trip to NYC. Specifically, she stopped into a Barnes & Noble to sign books… did she tattoo the pages? Lame joke, but I wondered for a brief nanosecond.

She made an appearance… and boy, did she make an appearance! She showed more than her pretty, embellished face and signature at the book signing. For some reason, she came wearing this:


WHY, Kat? Why, why why did you do that? Did you not know what a Barnes & Noble was? Had you never been there before? Because, in case you didn’t pick up on it, it’s not a brothel, or a casual hangout spot for scuba divers with loose morals. It’s where people go with their families. So ditch your see-through spandex-y, Barbie-sized, wet-suit looking jumpsuit, and put some real clothes on!

Given that this was a publicized event, one would think that the artist didn’t want to highlight her chest with a print, animal print bra behind her sheer, skin-tight top. Might as well just have painted it on. And that zipper? Is that even comfortable? Seems dangerous. Where does one even buy such a suit? Not that I want one for myself. I want to write them a strongly worded letter. Bad clothing company! Bad!

Not the first bad decision she has made: she dated serial cheater Jesse James, and just recently got engaged when Deadmau5 proposed… via Twitter… after they had broken up…

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