Selena Gomez: Ambassador for Ryan Seacrest Foundation

Teen star Selena Gomez,will be the new ambassador for a foundation that seeks to build broadcast media centers in pediatric hospitals for children to explore the radio, television and new media. 

As with the United Nations Children’s Fund (UNICEF), the singer was hailed as the new ambassador for the Ryan Seacrest Foundation. It was no wonder why Ryan Seacrest chose the singer to be the spokesperson for his foundation. Selena is not only a driver, but she possesses a spirit of solidarity, as well as being appreciative to children. 

A few days ago, Selena was in Beverly Hills to launch her perfume line.During the event, the press could see and smell the perfume, which is of purple in color, with a gold cap and balloon prints in the form of kisses. 

“I wanted to smell something that was sophisticated and romantic. I love the fruity and fun, but I wanted something intoxicating when you hug someone,” she said. 

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