Sexy Sevigny

Chloe Sevigny is a well known name in the fashion and entertainment arenas. Making it big when she scored a spot in Boys Don’t Dry, alongside Hilary Swank, she swept the scene. She now has acting, modeling, and designing under her belt. The Massachusetts native isn’t necessarily a household name, but she is making headlines with a new number she stepped out in that caused quite a reaction:


The musically inspired dress made its first appearance during New York Fashion Week, an event that Sevigny would be unlikely to miss, due to her intrinsic involvement with the fashion industry; she was once labeled the It Girl in the mid 1990s (once an It Girl, always an It Girl? Could I be an It Girl?).

Clearly the dress boasts a large violin centerpiece. Or is it a viola? Either way, it follows trends, giving an eye catching centerpiece, employing sparkles against a solid backdrop, several sexy cutouts, and it’s just avant-garde enough for you to not have in your own closet at home.

Pass your own judgements on the dress. If you like it, you should know it costs upwards of $3500.

And no, I didn’t forget any decimal points. That’s three thousand, five hundred dollars.

It’s actually more than that. Let’s not talk about it. In brighter news, Sevigny’s fame has stayed with her as she has become popular with the gay community, but avoids the limelight (she’s not partial to it), and stuck close to her family, even after her father’s passing in her twenties. She currently resides in Manhattan, NYC.

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