Shakira attacked by a sea lion

The Colombian singer, Shakira, was offered a short stay in South Africa with friends and family. And what should’ve been a relaxing holiday, turned into a big scare. According to what was written by Shakira on social networks, “It was a trip to the Cape of Good Hope, and wanted to get closer to sea lions to take a picture.”

Going down the rocks to be as close as possible animals, Shakira has not realized the danger. A mammal suddenly jumped out of the water and tried to bite her hand. But the worst was avoided, thanks to the singer’s brother, Tony, who immediately moved her away from the animal. The singer told the incident to her fans via her Facebook account by explaining, “We both had our hands and legs scratched by the rocks while he (Tony) was trying to save us. I understand what happened. The sea lion thought that the sheen of the Blackberry, which I used in taking pictures, was some kind of fish. He probably thought I teased him with food. More scared than hurt!”

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