Shakira Defends “Philanthrocapitalism”

The Colombian singer, Shakira, today urged entrepreneurs at the Business Summit to bet on “philanthrocapitalism” and invest in early education programs. The pop diva participated in the Summit Entrepreneurs at an event that occurs in the context of the Sixth Summit of the Americas, held in the Colombian Caribbean. 

“In this room, there are people with leadership, resources and intelligence. Why not take advantage of all that to pool resources?”said the singer.  She insisted that “there is mounting evidence that education is the best social investment and that investment in those years prior to kindergarten will be the best predictor of how you play that child into adulthood”.

“I want to invite all of you to be part of an early childhood movement of the Americas. Let’s design a clever strategy together to build education centers and fund programs for children aged 0 to 6, so we can all make a difference,” said the Colombian.

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