Star Transformation: extreme weight loss

Did anyone see Magic Mike? I know I did! It was like going to a strip club without the shame of walking in, the shame of walking out, or the one dollar bills pulled from my purse and stuffed into some hunk’s g-string. It was a great show… not a great movie. Channing Tatum has a body and face to die for, and Matthew McConaughey slides in nicely at second (I’m young so I pick Channing, but my mom is a diehard McConaughey fan, so I think he fares better with the more mature ladies). He was buff and tanned and oiled up. It was a great look, I won’t lie.

However, he has recently been forced to shed forty pounds for a role as a man with AIDS. The film has since concluded filming and the star has put healthy weight back on– by that I mean, in the form of muscles, and is looking great. Here we see him during filming:


….He looks downright terrifying.  Some other stars that have shed necessary weight are Fifty Cent, who was actually portraying a friend of his, and Christian Bale for the Machinist. We’re happy to report that both Fifty Cent and Christian Bale have since returned to their healthy musculature. You can see the comparisons of both below:



And last but not least, since I like to leave on a positive note… but more so because I really like to look at Matthew McConaughey when he doesn’t have a shirt on:


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