Stewart Hopes to Avoid Breaking Up with Pattinson



In addition to knowing that Robert Pattinson is devastated by the infidelity of Kristen Stewart, he also learned that the actress hopes to regain the trust of her partner and maintain the relationship.

According to a published version by, Kristen hopes that the actor is not jumping off the boat. “Kristen is fully apologizing and trying to make things right with him, but quite sure that she will regain his confidence. Kristen is doing everything possible to avoid Rob to break up with her. She knows how much she loves him,” said a source close to the couple.

Following the disclosure of photos of the unfaithfulness of Kristen with director, Rupert Sanders, the actress issued a statement saying: “I feel much pain and embarrassment I have caused to those close to me and all those who are affected. That momentary indiscretion has jeopardized the most important thing in my life, the person I most love and respect, Rob. I love him. I’m sorry”.



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