You may have guessed it just right. I am talking about Hollywood’s most famous teen couple (on-screen) as portrayed in young romance novel, the Twilight Saga. Who would have wondered that the fresh couple who have dated since the actual filming of the Twilight Saga would end up suddenly, giving the male counterpart something to weep about.
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He is known for the fellow who plays the lead protagonist in the Twilight Saga, giving millions of young women out there the glimpses of sensuality with his sparkling yet studded body. The news which may have broken a million hearts globally and was the result of Tumblr, Yahoo, Facebook and other social media websites such as Twitter and YouTube probably revolved around the love affair between Kristen Stewart aka Bella Swan from the Twilight Saga.
So, why did they split up? Seems like Robert dear did not take the break-up too lightly and has been spotted visiting Los Angeles, the place where his previous betrothed lives. Of course, nobody can give up on love so easily and intimacy on the set and off the set may have something to prove about their fluttering yet pricked relationship.

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Robert Pattinson has been on the edge since he said goodbye to the young lass in May, but rumours have been spreading that the two may have probably reconciled. Well, who does not want them to flourish? Anyone who is a die-hard fan of the Twilight Saga would certainly prefer to see Robert donning himself with Stewart, rather than any other female player in Hollywood.
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