Adele Will Soon Debut as a Mom


After holding in total secrecy, Simon Konecki, Adele’s boyfriend, said that a baby will be born soon.

The newspaper, the “Daily Mail”, reported by columnist Katie Nicholl, quoted Konecki who said, “The baby is coming very soon. I’m very excited. Adele is doing well and we can not wait.”

So far, few details have been given about the pregnancy and the singer has tried not to be seen before the media.

Konecki searched and found something meaningful—a pendant designed by artist and spiritualist, Lady Marina Cowdray— which describes it as a symbol that “embodies the wisdom, knowledge and compassion”.

The gold pendant is approximately four thousand euros (65,000 dollars approximately) and will be his gift to remember the day Adele debuted as a mom.



Biography Reveals that Adele Had Alcohol Problems


British singer, Adele, has confessed that she had to deal with the problem of alcoholism. This was stated in “Adele: The biography” published by Marc Shapiro. According to information from the “Huffington Post” site, the singer for some time took over the account and that during her first tour, she was so taken in one of her concerts that she fell off a stool and forgot the lyrics of their songs.

“I was so drunk at the time it happened, at two o’clock, I had forgotten the words of my own songs. That was the worst thing that ever happened,” said the singer. Also, the winner of eight Grammy Awards and three Brit Awards stated that the problems of her love life led her to rely on drinking, since she suffered a lot to love a bisexual guy who cheated on her later.

In “Adele: The biography”, which goes on sale on the 17th of July, it also addresses issues like the relationship of the artist with her mom and dad.

Beyoncé: two albums in the works?


While there’s still a few weeks, the press claimed that Beyonce wanted to take a break from her career to care for her daughter. It seems that the singer has in fact taken over the paths of the studios. Less than two months after the birth of Blue Ivy, Beyoncé is already working with Ryan Tedder, who produced her worldwide hit, “Halo”. He also participated in the incredible success of Adele’s album “21”.

The new project’s theme would be the diva’s course as a parent. “Conversations about her upcoming album have just begun and there are two projects that stand out”, the producer told The Boombox. The collaboration promises to be fruitful anyway, from what was stated by the producer who was blown away by the artist’s talent. “Without a doubt, she runs the ship. With Beyoncé, you just let it go. She’s the best.” The fans, of course, who eagerly awaits her return, will not say otherwise.

Adele wins 2012 Grammy Awards


The evening of the 2012 Grammy Awards has been shrouded by a veil of sadness over the sudden death of singer Whitney Houston. But as they say, “the show must go on”.

A triumphant Adele, took home six awards, namely all those for which it was nominated. A real triumph for the star who returned to perform after her throat operation last year.

As mentioned previously, there has been a moment for Whitney Houston. A spectacle of the Grammys, in fact, began with the showing of the video “I Will Always Love You”, a song that consecrated the unfortunate singer in 1992. In the course of the evening was Jennifer Hudson to remember the star with the same song, sung live, and air visibly moved.

The show then went on, other players are glorified in music. The the Foo Fighters, who won four awards, while the winner of the newcomer of the year is Bon Iver. King of rap is definitely Kanye West .