Bieber on Police Radar After Neighbors’ Complain

Justin Bieber is one wild child. His behavior has been pretty consistent with the bad boy image he has been projecting recently. He is regularly making it to the top news, not only because of a phenomenal performance but also because of the trouble he has been getting into when the cameras are not around.

Most recently, Justin Bieber had a visit from the California local police when his neighbors in the state complained of loud music and partying until the wee hours of the night. It was reported that the local police went back to the party’s venue thrice to reprimand the singer of the disturbance. The loud party ended with a misdemeanor case filed against Bieber.

This is not the first time that the singer got face to face with law enforcement. In the same neighborhood, the singer also had complaints against him over the speed at which he drove around his exclusive village. Another neighbor was allegedly spit on by Bieber in one of their heated arguments. Clearly, the singer has not been one of the favorite stars in that community after the series of reported incidents.

Outside of California, Bieber did not fail to attract the police’s attention as he was waving (possibly burning) the Argentinian flag on the stage flood where he was performing. However, the young singer has already issued an apology and explanation for this act, claiming that he was not aware that it was a national flag he was playing with. However, big news from Argentina did not simply end with the flag, as it was revealed that Bieber also hired a sex star while touring Brazil, and was even caught visiting other brothels in the country. As if this was not enough, the star also sprayed graffiti paint in one of the hotel’s walls. No formal charges were filed against this act, yet.

Last year, Bieber’s name first invaded legal courts when a certain 17-year old girl claimed to be pregnant of Justin’s child. This case has been dismissed, already.

Penelope Cruz and Javier Bardem Expects Their Second Child



After celebrating their second wedding anniversary, Spanish actors, Penelope Cruz and Javier Bardem will become parents for the second time. Penelope is three months pregnant and is expecting her baby later this year, according to a source close to the actress.

There is a second source, with which Penelope has been running an advertisement of a known liquor in Madrid, which also confirmed the news to the program called “Mirror public.” The last public appearance of the actress was in the Film Festival in Los Angeles, California, where Penelope wore a robe that made a baby bump obvious.

Penelope, 38, and Javier Bardem, 43, were married in a secret ceremony in the Bahamas, thus, putting the finishing touches to a friendship that turned into love.



Mark Zuckerberg Marries!

Just a day after taking Facebook was taken to public, Mark Zuckerberg finally tied the knot his longtime girlfriend, Priscilla Chan. Zuckerberg and Chan have been together for nine years.

The couple invited their closest friends to “celebrate Chan’s graduation from Med School”. However, the guests got surprised when they found out they were actually there to celebrate a wedding. The wedding was held at Zuckerberg’s home in Palo Alto. About a 100 friends and family members were invited to the wedding.

According to People magazine, “guests dined family-style on food from the couple’s favorite restaurants, Fuki Sushi and Palo Alto Sol. For dessert, guests had Burdick Chocolate “mice”, which the couple had on their first date.”

Congratulations to the new couple!