Justin Bieber Graduated From High School in Canada


Canadian singer, Justin Bieber, earned a high school diploma after graduating from a Catholic institution in Stratford (Ontario, East Central), his hometown.

Tim Doherty, director of St. Michael Catholic School in Stratford, said the 18-year-old singer, ​​”fulfilled all the conditions for obtaining high school diploma in the province of Ontario.” In an e-mail, Doherty refused to disclose details of the education of Justin Bieber and only said the teen heartthrob was absent from the graduation ceremony held last Thursday, June 28.

Bieber shot to fame in 2009 after publishing several home videos on YouTube, and in March 2011, he set the record for most number of visitors in the web platform with his music video, “Baby”. As of Tuesday, the video had more than 750 million hits.