Jennifer Lopez Still Believes in Fairy Tales



Jennifer Lopez and Casper Smart’s love story was not based on love at first sight. But, everything was very natural and the singer does not rule out marrying again. Lopez says she still believes in fairy tales.

Lopez’s dancer and choreographer spoke of their romance in an interview that aired Tuesday on “Good Morning America.” Excerpts from the interview showed how Casper talked about the relationship with J.Lo, who announced her separation from Marc Anthony in July last year.

In fact, months after the break with Marc, Jennifer began dating Smart, but said there was nothing before the singer was married. “I do not think it love at first sight. Everything happened very naturally. There was nothing before, no flirting, nothing,” said the 25-year-old dancer.

For her part, Lopez said it may be difficult for someone to be with her, “But at the end of the day, I know I deserve it,” she said. “For me, the biggest dream is the fairy tale. And I’ll never give up that dream.”




Marc Anthony Shows Cordiality with Casper Smart


Marc Anthony showed that he and the dancer, Casper Smart have no problems with each other. Marc and Casper were photographed giving a hug, while Jennifer Lopez smiles.

According to the TMZ website, Marc went to see their children at a private airport in New York, after they spent some days with JLo at the start of her Latin America tour. Smart was also present, who gave a warm hug to Marc Anthony.

Lopez and Anthony have shown a cordial relationship and mutual respect, where there are no grudges and differences.

Jennifer Lopez and Marc Anthony were married in 2004. But last year, they announced their separation. Months after, the actress began a relationship with the 25-year-old dancer, Casper Smart. However, Anthony does not take long to find a replacement for his ex and immediately sought to heal his wounds with Shannon Lima.

Casper Smart is Gay?


Professional dancer, Joshua Lee Ayers, said his colleague Casper Smart, JLo’s beau is gay. Ayers also said that Smart’s relationship with the singer is only to gain fame and money.

Through his official Twitter account, Ayers, who has participated in “Glee” and has worked with artists such as Fergi, Ludacris and Natasha Bedingfield, said the JLo’s current pair is gay, accompanying publication with photograph, in which Smart was seen in a very suggestive pose. Ayers wrote, “Look at this boy and his low-profile gay attitudes.”

In the photo, Smart was shown in a gold mini short, a deer hunter’s hat, no shirt and a scarf, plus the company of a group of men posing in underwear and brightly colored accessories. Ayers also noted that Smart says the relationship with the singer is only for fame and money. “It is not love, many business and public relations. He is willing to do whatever Jennifer wants, provided that she promotes his career,” said Ayers in the In Touch publication.

It should be noted that the representative of JLo and Smart, Mark Young, already commented: “Casper is not gay. These comments were born of envy and jealousy.

Jennifer Lopez Dismisses Wedding Plans


Jennifer Lopez told her followers that there is still no engagement to her boyfriend, dancer Casper Smart, after rumors that came to be seen with a luxurious ring.

The singer took advantage of social networking to end all rumors about the alleged engagement to her boyfriend, a situation which the couple has recently been the focus of the tabloid press.

The truth about the ring was clarified by the singer: “Rumors! Do not be fooled by the ring I got. There is no compromise,”wrote Lopez.

Lopez and Smart Have a Reality Show

Jennifer Lopez and her boyfriend, Casper Smart, have their own reality show that will focus only on their professional relationship. Smart is one of J.Lo’s dancers. The couple began their romance last year.

J.Lo will start her tour on July 14; and in reality, you can see the preparation that Casper gives the other dancers of the singer.

In The tour, which will be in 16 U.S. cities, Jennifer will share the stage with Enrique Iglesias. Smart said recently that his girlfriend is the nicest person in the world.

Last week Forbes Magazine released the list of the most powerful celebrities in the world, which was led by Jennifer Lopez. The Puerto Rican singer was ahead of other celebrities like Lady Gaga and Oprah Winfrey.

Jennifer Lopez: “Divorce was very sad and difficult”

Jennifer Lopez and Marc Anthony ended their 0seven-year marriage in 2011, but since then, they have continued to maintain a good relationship. Despite having found someone to heal her heart, the artist admits that the decision to divorce still hurts.

“Without going into details, it is very, very sad. And we are trying to overcome it. It is emotional and difficult. We’re still friends, and we are parents. But it will take time. It’s hard. But I am very proud of the way in how we faced it. We’re doing the best we can for our children,” Lopez said.

The former partner recently appeared on Ellen DeGeneres’s program to promote Q’Viva! The Chosen.

“What you saw in Ellen is very worthy, trying to rise above emotions and pain that comes with a divorce and the breakup of a family. This is something mature. It is real, is serious,” she said.

But despite that all is well with Marc, the singer acknowledges that she is very comfortable with her boyfriend, Casper. “He’s adorable. But as you have seen, I don’t want to talk much about it. It’s private,” she added.

JLo and Casper to Tie the Knot?

“Today Jennifer Lopez …. she called me and told me if I could design something special for her upcoming wedding! What color would you believe is nice? Any advice? I think red like fire … ! “were the words of acclaimed italian designer, Roberto Cavalli, which he published in his personal Twitter account, putting head to the show!

For now, the singer and her partner, Casper Smart, has not asserted nor denied the rumor. Meanwhile, Cavalli, who is a great friend of the JLo’s former—Marc Anthony—has put more spice to the controversial relationship between the diva and dancer. Smart is 18 years younger than the singer.

“The age, status and other opinions are irrelevant. Our hearts are endless and our souls are endless” said Smart, 24, in January, when he made public his affair with JLo, 42.

Apparently, the wedding bells start ringing in the head of Lopez who recently said she is not ready to step on the altar: “I do not know. This is no time to think about it. It is still very fresh,” said the sexy singer in an interview for a television network.



J. Lo’s New Love


A few months after the sensational divorce from Marc Anthony, Jennifer Lopez has already turned the page without regret for the previous marriage. As J.Lo is always accompanied by music and salsa, the pop star’s new love in question is none other than a dancer . His name is Casper Smart, who has made ​​cameos in Glee and has previously worked with Jennifer during a private show for a birthday party in Palo Alto.

A beardless face, a giant tattoo on the right shoulder which extends to the neck, and a member of the so called shirtless club. This is Casper’s distinguishing features. Although for many, it is not anything serious, but just a flirtation with what has all the features of the “boy toy on duty”. Now the question is, “How long will this love story last?”