Rihanna Travels with Drake on the French Riviera



Barbadian singer, Rihanna, returns to a normal life after the death of her grandmother, and decided to take a trip in the company of rapper, Drake, who will target the French Riviera.

In recent weeks, the singer shared through her twitter account, her sadness about the death of her grandmother. With different messages, Rihanna expressed the importance of her grandmother to her.

To relieve herself, the Barbados native has decided to resume her life normally and taken refuge with Drake, whom she was romantically  linked after the unpleasant situation with Chris Brown.

Media reports say the Rihanna rented a boat for her vacation with Drake, along with a group of friends to visit the French Riviera. Rihanna also headed to some romantic places in Italy that the singer has only seen online.

About her “friendly” relationship with Drake, a close source said that Rihanna “has decided to give her lovelife a second chance and plans to fill the boat with bottles of champagne.”



Rihanna Fears of Loving Again


Rihanna said the damage left from her unfortunate experience in love with Chris Brown, has left her afraid of falling in love again. Since her break with the rapper, Rihanna confessed that she fears of being hurt again. 

“When I was in love, my happiness was immense,” Rihanna told the magazine, Harper’s Bazaar, in relation to her reference to her relationship with Brown, after their affair ended after an alleged beating. However, Rihanna admitted, “The way he made ​​me feel priceless. And in the blink of an eye, it changed my life. All I wanted was gone. I would never want to feel a pain in my life.” 

Rihanna also admitted that she finds it difficult to find a stable relationship. “I have been conservative in my love life. If I meet someone again, I’ll feel great. But for now, I do not let people into my life,” said the singer.

Rihanna and Chris Brown Will Make Their Relationship Public


Rihanna and Chris Brown plan to make their relationship public during the ceremony of the Beat Awards 2012, which will be held in July 1.

According to Hollywoodlife.com, the couple is in hiding for some time and has agreed to resume their relationship, which broke in early 2009, because of a brutal beating Brown gave to Rihanna. The rumor that the former couple rekindling their romance, is lurking on the Internet, and appears to be imminent to confirm their relationship during a public event.

However, the only certainty is that since they both parted, they have lived a love-hate relationship. Also according to Hollywoodlife.com, the relationship has failed to materialize because Rihanna has decided to give Chris Brown another chance.


Rihanna Unfollows Chris Brown on Twitter

In recent months, Rihanna and Chris Brown had been in contact, despite the violent incident that happened in 2009. But now, the singer decided to “unfollow” her ex-boyfriend on Twitter. According to the TMZ website, Rihanna’s action comes shortly after the launch of a simple remix of Kanye West, TheraFlu, in which they collaborated with Brown.

What apparently bothered the singer was the content of the song. In the song, Brown was heard saying something like “do not mess with my old b*tches”. Shortly after Brown had issued the single, Rihanna stopped following him on the social network. Rumors say that Rihanna was the one referred by the song.

Brown, meanwhile, also failed to follow his ex-girlfriend on Twitter. On Rihanna’s birthday last February, the Barbadian singer mentioned that she is still in love with Chris.

Rihanna on Chris Brown: “I do what I want”

No matter what is said about Rihanna and her apparent cooperation and reconciliation with her ​​ex-boyfriend, Chris Brown, the singer is not ready to hear rumors about it.

In an interview with Elle magazine for its May issue, Rihanna said she understands the reaction of people about their decision to work with Brown, but do not be swayed.

“In the end everyone thinks differently. It is very difficult for me to accept it, but I understand it,” Rihanna said in the interview. “People end up wasting your time on blogs or whatever, ranting at a distance, and that’s okay, because tomorrow I will still be the same person. I’m still going to do what I do.”

The singer believes that living the consequences of her relationship with Brown has given a new sense of freedom. “It is shameful. But that was my opening, ” she admitted. “That was my release, my time to bring it. […] Now we know, so they can say what they like about it. I have nothing to hide.”

Rihanna is optimistic about her future and the possibility of becoming a mother. But first, she has to find the right man. “It will not be easy. It is hard for everyone!” she said. “I do not think it has anything to do with being famous. However, I have only to find the person who balances me. I’ve done it before so I know I can do it again. “

Reverend Prays Rihanna Away From Sinful Behavior

Rev. Vibert Lowe, head of the Church of Rihanna’s birthplace, says he is praying that the Barbadian artist changes her life and leave behind her sinful behavior. 

“Many people have been praying for her, hoping to give up these unhealthy habits. On the island we believe it is behaving properly, and that provides a negative example for many young girls. For them, Rihanna is an icon and they copy her lifestyle,” said the priest. Lowe also advised the star to stay away from her former boyfriend, Chris Brown, because he can not be a good influence to her because of their common history. 

“After everything that happened, I would like you to stay away from him because he has proven not be the right person for you. However, we do not see much to Rihanna when she comes home. She seems so busy, but I think you should come to church,” he said.

The Reverend was not alone in expressing concern about the state of the singer. Phil Bloch, a Hollywood stylist who has a good friendship with the star recently admitted that he was surprised by her controversial artistic evolution. “I went to one of her concerts and I was stunned by what I saw. I think she has no idea how to assimilate her growing fame. She needs to calm down and behave better. She is beautiful and very talented, but she does not know how to manage herself. She always gets in trouble,” Bloch told the newspaper, The Sun .