Hacker Will Pay $66,000 to Scarlett Johansson


The hacker accessed the e-mail account of Scarlett Johansson for her nude pictures, must pay the actress a compensation of $ 66,000 and spend five years and 11 months in prison.

According to a penalty imposed Wednesday by federal agents, the cybercriminal identified as Christopher Chaney, 35, must pay his other victims a total of $150,000. His victims include almost all big names of world cinema and entertainment. Among the celebrities who were victims of Chaney include singer Christina Aguilera and Mila Kunis, whose pictures in erotic poses were released worldwide.

Johansson explained that the images were taken with her cell phone for her boyfriend and that under no circumstances was an act of perversion. Johansson also confessed that she became “paranoid” thinking that everyone had seen her naked through the Internet. After this, Johansson decided to ignore the gossip to be “much happier”.

For his part, Chaney, who lives in Jacksonville, Florida, admitted to working to get into the accounts of his famous victims by changing the password and answering security questions with the information that was available on the Internet.

Christina Aguilera’s Curly Long Hairstyle

Suitable for:
Face shapes: oval, oblong, square, diamond
Hair texture: thin, medium
Hair density: medium, dense

Maintenance: high
Time: 30+ mins
Techniques: blow dry, curling iron
Products: mousse, wax, smoothing shine, lacquer

To style:

  • Apply wax
  • Part one side of your hair to the left
  • Use a large radial brush
  • Blow dry the hair
  • Use a medium curling iron
  • Curl the back, top, and sides of the hair
  • Piece the ends using wax
  • Lift  your roots using wax
  • Apply smoothing shine
  • Apply lacquer



Christina Aguilera Sells Beverly Hills Mansion


It seems that Christina Aguilera is ready to move on from her Beverly Hills mansion she shared with her ex-hubby Jason Bratman and her son Max. The diva has placed her home on the market for $13.5 million. The Mediterranean style house unveil a mix of various stylish décors such as Gothic, burlesque and contemporary designs. The mansion is just dreamy and with six bedrooms, nine bathrooms, a game room, movie room, a gym room, a salon area in the giant walk-in closet, a gift-wrapping room, a giant backyard with BBQ and an incredible custom-made pagoda, a guest house which contains a recording studio and a super fabulous outdoor pool complete with water slide and grotto spa. So if you want to have a highly fashionable living, then you might wanna consider this diva’s mansion.