“More Boyfriends Than T. Swift”

In response to recent outcry from a small group of fans, popular clothing company Abercrombie & Fitch has ceased sales of one of their shirts. The shirt in question read:

#more boyfriends than t.s.

The slogan was in reference to Taylor Swift (t.s.) bu also to popular media outlets such as Twitter, and now Facebook, who use hashtags as a search and organizational tool. Reportedly, a petition circulated beginning on June 18th, calling for the stores to pull the shirt from their floors. The petition was started via Change.org by Emma Worley of Pennsylvania, and was signed by die-hard Swift fans, of Swifties. The reported number was 130 (which seems extremely low to me, as the attendance list for my GYM class in high school had more names than that), but apparently that was convincing enough to the brand name, which has been under fire in recent weeks for being too exclusive.

On the petition page, those signing could leave comments. One read as follows:

“It’s just plain hurtful and insulting. Taylor’s private life should remain so. It’s unprofessional for such a huge company to insult and poke fun at a celebrity in one of their t-shirts. Besides, none of them knows exactly what goes on in Taylor’s private life. She herself said that she’s only dated two men in the past two years, which isn’t a lot. The media exaggerates Taylor’s past relationships A LOT. It’s a form of bullying, which should never be encouraged, ESPECIALLY by such a huge company. I’m disgusted and have lost all my respect for Abercrombie and Fitch.” — Anushree Jayan, Singapore


Seeing a little too much of Kat Von D

Within the past week, tattoo extraordinaire, and Miami Ink leading lady Kat Von D made a trip to NYC. Specifically, she stopped into a Barnes & Noble to sign books… did she tattoo the pages? Lame joke, but I wondered for a brief nanosecond.

She made an appearance… and boy, did she make an appearance! She showed more than her pretty, embellished face and signature at the book signing. For some reason, she came wearing this:


WHY, Kat? Why, why why did you do that? Did you not know what a Barnes & Noble was? Had you never been there before? Because, in case you didn’t pick up on it, it’s not a brothel, or a casual hangout spot for scuba divers with loose morals. It’s where people go with their families. So ditch your see-through spandex-y, Barbie-sized, wet-suit looking jumpsuit, and put some real clothes on!

Given that this was a publicized event, one would think that the artist didn’t want to highlight her chest with a print, animal print bra behind her sheer, skin-tight top. Might as well just have painted it on. And that zipper? Is that even comfortable? Seems dangerous. Where does one even buy such a suit? Not that I want one for myself. I want to write them a strongly worded letter. Bad clothing company! Bad!

Not the first bad decision she has made: she dated serial cheater Jesse James, and just recently got engaged when Deadmau5 proposed… via Twitter… after they had broken up…

Black and White

The bright and neon colors seem to be the master this spring. But, there is also a counterpart in the air. An immortal and romantic retro effect of the black and white combination.

The combination of black and white can be worn in an elegant way. This combination can be strutted in any occasion, without looking dull or boring. With the right hair and set of accessories, you’re good to go.

For women, accessories like shoes, handbags and jewelry are their best allies. But being mindful is essential, since the details are what makes the difference. The feeling must be strong and immediate, like a bolt of lightning.

“Simplicity is the ultimate perfection.” This is the mood of black & white.