Bags for the Modern Women


Comfortable forms, refined details, and elegant colors. Shopping bags, shoulder bags and baskets made with the most beautiful of natural materials. Today, we’ll help you with hot finds to go with your outfit.

The combination of straw and ocher are the trendiest summer. You will surely like this bag very much. This is available at Zara for 19.95 euros.









Soft and roomy, this bag contains everything necessary for the sea. Available at Cromia for 79 euros.









The flat strap, closed and light. This bag from Etam is perfect for those who go to the beach on a scooter. Available for only 29.90 euros.









The shopper with colored leaves and wooden handles can be used in town, with a dress. This bag from Carpisa can be bought at 19.90 euros only.









The detail of crochet cotton with a touch of glamor to the classic straw basket will go with almost any outfit. This is available at OVS for 22.90 euros.