Demi Moore, desperate to return to Ashton Kutcher

Despite divorcing the actor after a string of infidelities, Demi Moore would be desperate to resume her relationship with her ​​ex-husband. Several of his friends fear that Demi is obsessed with saving her marriage and then falling into the spiral of addiction and harmful habits that led him to the hospital just over a month.

“Demi has not overcome what happened to Ashton. Her mood depends on what he does and if he is receptive or not. If Ashton does not respond to messages sent to her, Demi goes directly into panic. She is too obsessed with what they had,” a source revealed to the Grazia magazine.

The Hollywood star recently underwent a treatment to combat addiction and overcome an eating disorder. Ashton would have visited a couple of occasions, and despite raising his spirits, he might have generated false hopes in the actress that can adversely affect her health.

“She can be your worst enemy. She was doing great in rehab until he arrived. As everyone expected, the visits destabilized, causing her anxiety and bad temper,” said the source.