Eva Longoria Confirms Break-Up with Eduardo Cruz


Eva Longoria is free and ready to turn to love after confirming her break with Penelope Cruz’s brother, Eduardo Cruz.

The “Desperate Housewives” star officially announced that her relationship with Eduardo Cruz has come to an end after several breakups and reconciliations. Cruz, who is a singer and songwriter, is 10 years younger than Longoria.

Longoria and Cruz’s courtship began in February 2011, months after Longoria had concluded the process of divorce. Longoria had been married to professional basketball star, Tony Parker. However, their marriage came to an end after the actress discovered that Parker was cheating.

A few days ago, the 37-year-old beauty, who is involved in the movie “Cristero” which premiered this 2012, told the entertainment press that to be in love is defined as hopeless romantic.

In March, Longoria launched her second fragrance, “EVAmour”, which promised to donate part of the earnings to benefit the Latino community.

The Stars in the Cannes Film Festival

Eva Longoria came to the royal red carpet of Cannes, wearing a Marchesa gown with a tulle and a long tail; while Jessica Chastain took a pink design from Alexander McQueen. Eva Herzigova also wore a pink dress by Dolce & Gabbana. Lana Del Rey attended in a black strapless dress by Alberta Ferretti.

Actress, Diane Kruger must have arrived in France with a bulky luggage. On Wednesday, the first day of the Cannes Film Festival, Kruger, a member of the jury, showed two different dresses. For her photo session, Kruger wore a burgundy dress with bold lines from Versace Versus. During evening, for the the premiere of “Monrise Kingdom”, she wore a silk gown by Giambattista Valli aqua.

“That girl knows how to dress perfectly,” said designer, Rachel Roy, who follow the fashions in Cannes from New York. From Kruger’s dress that night, Roy said that, “The transparency and draping is reminiscent of Jacqueline Kennedy, but modern. Pure elegance.”

Some of the men showed more of the relaxed atmosphere at the spa: Bill Murray wore a plaid jacket and Ewan McGregor combined his blue cotton dress by Marni shoes and a tie with white stars.

Eva Longoria Looking to Make a Change in Elections

Eva Longoria is moving out of Wisteria Lane to Pennsylvania Avenue in Washington. The 37-year-old actress was dismissed from her role as the sexy Gabrielle Solis on “Desperate Housewives”, when the ABC drama comes to an end after eight seasons.

She is currently working with the reelection campaign of President Barack Obama. Skip the sordid affairs of “Housewives” to the affairs of state was not an easy transition to Longoria, who said it is not always taken seriously in politics.

“People say, who cares about your opinion? You’re just beautiful. But can you not have an intellectual argument about immigration or overhaul health just by being nice? “Eva said in a recent interview. Longoria has also adopted new roles behind the scenes. She is currently preparing a reality show about dating called “All About Love” for NBC. She is co-producing the ABC soap opera style series “Devious Maids” as well about the scandalous lives of the servants.

“For any minority community, is a woman, Latino or black, there are papers limited in Hollywood because we need more people behind the camera,” said Longoria. “So if we reflect ourselves more women on TV or the movies, we have to produce the stories, the stories we have run, we need to get behind the scenes to actually happen.”

Longoria, who is currently studying her masters, studies at the University of California at Northridge. She also said that her greatest achievement will make a difference in the November election. “I’m getting my civic engagement to mobilize voters and make sure they are informed about the issues and acting under the belief that if one wants to change something in this country has the power to do as a citizen. These are perhaps the things I’m most proud.”

Amaury Nolasco, Eva’s New Love?

Within weeks of completing herromance with Eduardo Cruz, actress Eva Longoria was spotted with Amaury Nolasco, star of the series “Prison Break” at a restaurant in Beverly Hills where they seem to be intimate.

The suspicions of the affair between ” Desperate Housewife” and the Puerto Rican actor became stronger when the stars were spotted having dinner and lovingly providing a steakhouse. Afterwhich, the couple decided to move to a bar where photographers were denied. Will Longoria and Nolasco decline to disclose their tokens of love?

Although no confirmed romance between Eva and Amaury there is a strong friendship, it is not the first time this pair is captured by the media. However, it seems that celebrities want to take their relationship to the background.


Eduardo Cruz did not congratulate Eva Longoria . . . at least on Twitter

The beautiful Eva Longoria is celebrating her birthday and welcomed many famous celebrities on her celebration. As well as on Twitter, she was greeted by her friends and her fans.

Kim Kardashian, Marcia Cross, and Perez Hilton, were among the friends of Eve who sent their best wishes on this special day.

The stylist Ken Paves wrote: “Happy birthday to one of the nicest women, most sweet, funny, talented, philanthropists, through which to see, a great girl.”

Blogger Perez Hilton did not lose the opportunity to send a message to Eva Longoria and did so in Spanish: “Happy birthday, beautiful.”

“Happy birthday to the lovely Eva Longoria, I love you,” wrote Kim Kardashian on Twitter .

The only one who is not among the celebrities that greeted Eva for her birthday is Eduardo Cruz. The two have been rumored to be separated a few weeks ago. Is Edward that is busy in Spain to congratulate his partner?

The star has celebrated her birthday on Tuesday at the Beverly Wilshire hotel surrounded by friends. Among those present were the host Mario Lopez and his fiancee, Courtney Mazza and actor Kevin Connolly.


Eva Longoria and Eduardo Cruz Ended Their Courtship?

If the rumors are true, Eva Longoria and Eduardo Cruz have ended their engagement of a year, although they remain friends.

“It was a mutual decision. They remain friends,” said a source close to the couple at the site of the U.S. Weekly magazine. “She is focused on her work with the end of Desperate Housewives. “

For his part, Eduardo Cruz has returned to Spain to visit his family, although he is rumored that he plans to spend time away from the U.S. for its rupture.

Eva Longoria and Eduardo Cruz began dating in February 2011, after the Eva’s divorce with Tony Parker. The couple was introduced by Eduardo’s sister, Penelope Cruz.