The Importance of Eyebrows

Many women spend a huge portion of their daily routine working on their eye makeup, because that is where the eye naturally falls. We make eye contact during conversation, to indicate interest; our eyes are very expressive, so we highlight them. That’s all well and good but have you seen what a person looks like without eyebrows?


Like the photo says, eyebrows are more important that you think. They work with the eyes, framing them. They are one of the most expressive features of your face, and need some tender loving care every so often!

One of the biggest mistakes women make with their eyebrows is over plucking. The follicles in your eyebrows are very sensitive, so if you pluck too much, it takes a long time for those hairs to grow back; they might not ever grow back at all! So, don’t go pluck happy. It could cost you your brows! Now if only upper lip hair were that sensitive…

If you have already over plucked, just stop! Give your brows some recovery time. For the time being, fill in your eyebrows with pencil or shadow. Following up with clear mascara helps hold your faux brows in place, and helps them blend into your natural browline.

One of the common mistakes men make is thinking that because they’re men, they shouldn’t groom their eyebrows, like it’s too girly or something. I’m not saying go pluck and shape them, but a guy with a nice set of eyebrows has an advantage! At least address your unibrow. You can do it in the privacy of your own bathroom so no one has to know that you pluck occasionally.

Big, Beautiful Eyes

Big, mesmerizing eyes are a dream for many women, and a reality for only a few. Good news! There are a few, simple makeup cheats that will help you achieve that desired doe-eyed look.

Winged lashes: that classy look (best achieved by liquid liner in my opinion) really thickens the lash line. Perfecting this look can require some practice but after a few tries, you’ll be doing it in your sleep. I wear this look almost every day, and would say I’m a bit of a pro. One trick I use is placing my index finger on the outside corner of my eye and lightly pulling the skin back towards my ear. It’s much easier to draw a straight line when the skin is pulled taut. This is how I wear it, for a dramatic but clean look:

OK, I got a little lucky in the eye department.

OK, I got a little lucky in the eye department.

White eyeliner: A common mistake women make is lining their entire eye in black, which actually closes off the eye and emphasizes the edges in a negative way. Lining the top lid is totally encouraged, but tightlining (lining the moist space between the lash line and the eye) on the lower lids in white gives the illusion that the eye is larger.

Brighten the inner corners: Use a light shade like off white, or slightly lighter than your skin color, or a light reflecting shadow on the inner corners of the eyes to make the eyes look farther apart, and therefore more modelesque.  Just be sure to not get too close to the tear ducts with this as it can cause irritation.