What happened to that girl who used to adorn jeans and tank tops to such an extent that she had called the former to be her boyfriend? Recently, at a premiere of her recent movie, Jennifer Aniston has been seen in perfect awry to be adoring a floral dress with big, purple earrings.


This dress was however in apropos to her usual style, but let us all face it. When fashion models or celebrities tend to make a change and such changes which would prove quite disapproving, it is quite amenable to say that the hidden reason for them is to grasp publicity. Publicity may be quite cheap, but it may also come expensive.

UK Premiere of 'We're The Millers'


In order to fluctuate and to be at par with the fashion world, models and celebrities tend to pull such things which would eve surprise Lady Gaga’s fans. Well, Lady gaga is of course, of no contest with Jennifer Aniston or the bob lady, Anne Hathaway as the former has been publicly reported to be quite a trendsetter. She has been adorning such trends which only a weird person would care to follow.


However, Jennifer Aniston did look a bit foolish for her age in that floral dress, but since this is the twientieth century, every woman has a right to give her feelings for fashion a fluttering birth of flight.


Secondly, I also think that people are trying to bring the seventies back into action by sprucing up jennifer Aniston with this floral look. But, seriously, people should watch their age before wearing a hideous outfit for fake publicity.